Car Dealership Photography

Bring out the best in your inventory with our professional photographers

Serving automotive retailers for 30 years, Dealer Specialties® is your trusted source for attractive vehicle photographs as well as related services.

Our lot services professionals will deliver a custom, on-the-lot vehicle imaging strategy that’s unique to your dealership’s inventory needs and data distribution requirements.

Get an all-in-one image & data solution

When partnering with Dealer Specialties, you’ll enjoy expert vehicle photography plus comprehensive data and photo collection. You’ll also gain access to our powerful VinMotion inventory management software, offering:

  • VIN decoding with data updates from DataOne Software
  • Daily distribution of inventory updates to 600+ partners, online classifieds and more
  • Image overlays with your dealership’s branding
Dealer Specialties vehicle photography
Photography Services
Photography Services
Photography Services
Photography Services

Enhance your photos

Want to make your vehicle images jump out on your vehicle listings? Dealer Specialties can do it for you with an array of photo enhancements. These include:

  • Photo clipping options; choose one of our templates or create your own
  • Photo frames that include custom calls to action, pricing and more
  • Super-sized photos up to three times (3X) the size of traditional types
  • “Coming-soon” frames that preview vehicle details before photos are available

See more on our dealership photography. Watch the video.