LiveLot® Dealership Video Services

Boost sales with the industry’s most advanced video marketing platform

LiveLot from Dealer Specialties® enables car shoppers to experience your inventory like never before. It offers feature-rich videos that our expert videographers shoot for you and post online for broad distribution.

To increase the informational and emotional value to potential buyers, we can customize each video with vehicle data and photos as well as audio (e.g. music) and voiceover narration.

Display exterior walkarounds & interior views

LiveLot creates engaging vehicle videos that showcase key exterior and interior features:

  • Video stabilization assures a smooth, high-quality presentation.
LiveLot® Dealership video services video
LiveLot® video landing page

Post VDP video landing pages

When embedded into your vehicle detail pages, LiveLot videos help sell your dealership, build trust and enhance relationships with your customers.

Customize with dynamic overlays

Display your dealer logo, address and phone number on your LiveLot videos:

  • Videos change with each vehicle to highlight MPG and options.
  • Customize your vehicle videos with intros and outros, music and more!
LiveLot® vehicle videos
LiveLot® integration with CARFAX

Integrate with CARFAX & CarStory

There’s no need for your CARFAX credentials. LiveLot accesses CARFAX directly to pull in information on most vehicles:

  • Additional integration with CarStory provides AI-based insights on the key selling points that car shoppers are looking for.

Enjoy wide video distribution

LiveLot distributes your videos to all major sites using feeds, API or scripts embedded on your dealership website.

LiveLot® video distribution
LiveLot® video widget

Use the homepage video widget

Showcase vehicle videos on your dealership website through LiveLot to increase views and enhance visitor engagement.

Benefit from premium features

Increase shopper time-on-site and lead conversions with these advanced LiveLot capabilities:

  • Large video player

  • Custom voiceover

  • Ad videos

  • VidMail

Find out more; watch our LiveLot Dealership Video Services video.

See how another dealer benefited; download our LiveLot Case Study.