New DealerSpin360

Showcase vehicles from all angles with this immersive and interactive merchandising solution!

With this new service, Dealer Specialties representatives conduct a complete 360° walkaround of your vehicle, capturing high-quality digital footage and identifying featured hotspots.

Highlight features with “clickable hotspots”

Interactive cursor icons let users click-on the key selling features, allowing customers to drive their own interactive shopping experience! Meanwhile, you’ll:

  • Double the time that consumers spend on VDPs
  • Significantly increase your lead conversion rates
vinmotion, DealerSpin360
VinMotion Improve dealership merchandising

Increase reach and brand awareness

Publish your vehicle walkarounds on your website, leading vehicle shopping sites and social media. We’ll work with any partner to get your 360° spins visible on all VDPs!

Gain key consumer insights in real-time

Powerful reports tell you which vehicles are attracting the most viewers and, with each, what features are gaining the greatest interest. Pass these insights back to your CRM for real-time account updates and activity notifications.

vinmotion, DealerSpin360
VinMotion and Vehicle C.A.R.Score

Create powerhouse vehicle videos

Combine your new 360° spins with our LiveLot® videos in one player. Include existing photos, too. Shoppers get all the information they need to make a purchase. There’s no extra equipment needed or added work required; it’s all-inclusive!