New C.A.R.Score Vehicle Condition Reports

True Vehicle Condition Reporting

New from Dealer Specialties®, C.A.R.Score reports take the standard industry history report one step further by assessing the interior and exterior condition of a vehicle. Highly detailed, each report covers various items such as dashboard and console, mirrors, upholstery and much more. They even let you know if there’s an odor present!

Get full-service reporting; you won’t lift a finger

Our lot representatives will visit your dealership and inspect each requested vehicle for over 50 checkpoints. Once completed, you can review every C.A.R.Score report. They include a vehicle grade, interactive hotspots and damage photos.

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C.A.R.Score Vehicle Reporting

Put yourself in the driver’s seat

You have full control of which C.A.R.Score reports you want to be shown on your website and other consumer shopping sites. Don’t like a grade for a particular vehicle? Hold back the report until you have an opportunity to fix the vehicle’s issues. We’ll then return and reinspect it for a higher grade!

Deliver a clear picture to potential buyers — and your teams

C.A.R.Score reports are as valuable to you as they are to car shoppers. Beyond being a strong lead generator, the reports help you catch anything missed in the reconditioning process that could hinder a potential sale.

Dealer Specialties C.A.R.Score
C.A.R.Score Vehicle History Reports

Offer greater detail than standard  vehicle history reports

C.A.R.Score’s information is more transparent than any other resource on the market today. Our in-depth reports can strengthen buyer confidence and answer shopper questions that vehicle history reports just don’t address.


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Post your C.A.R.Score ratings everywhere

Once you’ve approved your vehicle reports, Dealer Specialties will automatically syndicate them to your website and everywhere else car buyers are shopping!

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